Machine cleaning of hard surface floors

This service is executed with specialized one-disc machines which rub the detergent into the flooring, cleaning deeply and removing the dirt soaked in the floor and the joints. As a result the flooring looks dry and perfectly clean.

Machine cleaning of soft surface floors

This service is executed by using machines with high-speed revolving brushes, extractors and special dirt dissolving detergents. All stains and dirt are removed from the flooring and the brightness of its colours is restored.

Machine washing of furniture

The cleaning is done with professional extractors, detergents and equipment which remove the dirt, restore the colours and leave the fabric half-dry.

Cleaning of windows and woodwork

Manual cleaning with detergent and special focus on joinery, corners and fittings, drying and polishing.

Cleaning of other surfaces

Dusting, applying of detergents with antistatic, impregnating and maintaining effect on wood, leather, plastic, glass surfaces, etc.

Cleaning and disinfection of sanitary premises

Cleaning, disinfection, aromatization. Cleaning is done manually with special focus on joints, corners and all risky areas after which a special disinfectant is applied. All tiled surfaces, walls, floors, sinks, tubs, toilets and others are being cleaned with a pleasant smell remaining.

We use professional cleaning machines Karcher (Germany) and professional detergents Nerta (Belgium).