Our company was registered in 1994 and has been actively operating since then. Our main activities are construction and repairs, design and interior decoration and professional cleaning. We offer our clients quality, modern and fast services and our main goal is to fulfill all their requirements. We are precise in our execution and reliable in our customer relations and with us you can provide peace and comfort to your family and guaranteed quality at reasonable prices.

Construction and repairs

Babex Ltd is a reliable partner. We execute the services committed, keep the contracted terms and guarantee quality of construction and repairs. Our priority is to create comfort in your home or office using modern technologies and materials and our staff is a selection of excellent professionals.


We manufacture, deliver and assemble custom-made furniture for homes, offices and public premises. Our furniture is produced from high-quality materials using modern technologies, individual customers' projects and a rich catalogue of colours.

Professional Cleaning

We offer professional cleaning of homes, offices, public premises and others. Our effective methods of cleaning guarantee real value for money and the professional equipment, detergents and good qualification of our staff give the results desired by us and our clients.